Managua, Lake

Managua, Lake
or Xolotlan

Lake, western Nicaragua.

It occupies an area of 400 sq mi (1,035 sq km), extending 36 mi (58 km) long and 16 mi (25 km) wide. Located north of the city of Managua, it is fed by numerous streams rising in the central highlands and is drained by the Tipitapa River, which flows into Lake Nicaragua. Momotombo Volcano (4,199 ft [1,280 m]) is on the northwestern shore.

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Spanish  Lago De Managua,  

      lake in western Nicaragua, in a rift valley at an elevation of 128 feet (39 m) above sea level. The lake, 65 feet (20 m) in depth, is 36 miles (58 km) from east to west and 16 miles (25 km) from north to south; its area is 400 square miles (1,035 square km). Also known by its Indian name, Xolotlán, the lake is fed by numerous streams rising in the central highlands and the Diriamba Highlands. It is drained by the Tipitapa River, which flows into Lake Nicaragua.

      The lake is economically significant: its waters yield fish and alligators and are plied by shallow-draft vessels. Momotombo Volcano, reaching 4,199 feet (1,280 m) above sea level, is on the northwestern shore. Managua, the national capital, lies along the lake's southern shore. In 1998 the rains caused by Hurricane Mitch (Mitch, Hurricane) (approximately 75 inches [1,900 mm] over five days), one of the Atlantic Ocean's deadliest tropical cyclones, overflowed Lake Managua and inundated several of the poorest communities in the area.

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