Kroeber, A(lfred) L(ouis)

Kroeber, A(lfred) L(ouis)
born June 11, 1876, Hoboken, N.J., U.S.
died Oct. 5, 1960, Paris, Fr.

U.S. anthropologist.

Trained under Franz Boas (Ph.D., 1901), he later taught at the University of California at Berkeley. Kroeber's career nearly coincided with the emergence of academic, professionalized anthropology in the U.S. and contributed significantly to its development. He made valuable contributions to American Indian ethnology, New World archaeology, and the study of linguistics, folklore, kinship, and culture. His most influential books are considered to be Anthropology (1923) and The Nature of Culture (1952). His daughter, Ursula K. Le Guin (b. 1929), was a noted science fiction and fantasy writer.

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