Kline, Franz

Kline, Franz
born 1910, Wilkes-Barre, Pa., U.S.
died May 13, 1962, New York, N.Y.

U.S. painter.

He studied art in London before settling in New York City. He became one of the leading artists of the Abstract Expressionist movement and was known for his use of inexpensive commercial paints and large house-painter's brushes to build graphic networks of rough bars of black paint on white backgrounds. He achieved a sense of majesty and power in such large-scale works as Mahoning (1956). In the late 1950s he introduced colour into his paintings.

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▪ American artist
in full  Franz Rowe Kline 
born May 23, 1910, Wilkes-Barre, Pa., U.S.
died May 13, 1962, New York, N.Y.
 American artist who was one of the leading painters of the post-World War II Abstract Expressionist movement.

      Kline studied at Boston University (1931–35) and at the Heatherley School of Art, London (1937–38), settling in New York City in the latter year. He was originally a representational painter, working in a style that merged Cubism and social realism. But in 1949, after viewing some of his black-and-white sketches enlarged by a projector, he realized their potential impact as large, abstract compositions. He began immediately to develop a highly personal form of Abstract Expressionism, a style of art based on the more or less spontaneous expression in abstract design of the artist's psychic states. Within a phenomenally short period of time, he mastered the new style, producing such masterpieces as Nijinsky (Petrushka) (c. 1950) almost immediately. Using inexpensive commercial paints and large house painter's brushes, he built graphic networks of rough but controlled bars of black paint on white backgrounds, creating positive shapes with the white areas as well as with the black strokes. Paintings such as Mahoning (1956) are characteristically of such large dimensions that the total effect is one of majesty and power. In the late 1950s Kline introduced colour into his paintings. Before his death, his work assumed a new direction in the extreme simplicity and elegance of huge, carefully balanced masses.

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