July Days

July Days
(1917) Period in the Russian Revolution of 1917 during which Petrograd workers and soldiers staged armed demonstrations against the provisional government that resulted in a temporary decline of Bolshevik influence and in the formation of a new provisional government headed by Aleksandr Kerensky.

To undermine Bolshevik popularity, the government produced evidence that Vladimir Ilich Lenin had ties with the German government. The public reacted against the Bolsheviks, Lenin fled to Finland, and Leon Trotsky and other leaders were jailed. The reorganized government was overthrown by the Bolsheviks in October.

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▪ Russian history
      (July 16–20 [July 3–7, old style], 1917), a period in the Russian Revolution (Russian Revolution of 1917) during which workers and soldiers of Petrograd (Saint Petersburg) staged armed demonstrations against the Provisional Government that resulted in a temporary decline of Bolshevik influence and in the formation of a new Provisional Government, headed by Aleksandr Kerensky (Kerensky, Aleksandr Fyodorovich). In June dissatisfied Petrograd workers and soldiers, using Bolshevik slogans, staged a demonstration and adopted resolutions against the government. On July 3 protestors, motivated in part by the resignation of the government's Kadet (Constitutional Democratic) ministers, marched through Petrograd to the Tauride Palace to demand that the Soviet of Workers' and Soldiers' Deputies assume formal power. The Bolsheviks, initially reluctant, attempted to prevent the demonstration but subsequently decided to support it.

      On July 4 the Bolsheviks planned a peaceful demonstration; but confused armed clashes broke out, injuring about 400 persons. Neither the Provisional Government nor the Soviet could control the situation. But the Soviet refused to take power, and the Bolshevik Party refrained from actually staging an insurrection. Thus, the demonstration was deprived of its political goal, and by nightfall the crowds had dispersed.

      To undermine Bolshevik popularity and reduce the threat of a coup d'etat, the government produced evidence that the Bolshevik leader Lenin (Lenin, Vladimir Ilich) had close political and financial ties with the German government. A public reaction set in against the Bolsheviks; they were beaten and arrested, their property destroyed, their leaders persecuted. Lenin fled to Finland; but others, including Trotsky, were jailed. The Provisional Government was reorganized, with Kerensky as prime minister. The new government, though largely Socialistic, proved to be only a short-lived concession to the demonstrators' demands for a revolutionary Soviet government. It was subsequently overthrown during the October (November) Revolution.

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