Ishim River

Ishim River
Kazakh Esil

River, north-central Kazakhstan and the Tyumen and Omsk provinces of south-central Russia.

A tributary of the Irtysh River, it rises in the Niyaz Hills in the north of the Kazakh Uplands, flowing northwest before entering the Irtysh at Ust-Ishim. It is 1,522 mi (2,450 km) long.

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river, Asia
also spelled  Išim,  Kazak  Esil, 

      river in Kazakhstan and Tyumen and Omsk oblasti (provinces) of south-central Russia. A left-bank tributary of the Irtysh (Ertis), it rises in the Niyaz Hills in the north of the Saryarqa (Kazak Uplands), flows west through Astana, and then north through Petropavl and the flat Ishim Steppe before entering the Irtysh at Ust-Ishim. Its total length is 1,522 miles (2,450 km), and it drains an area of 55,600 square miles (144,000 sq km). Mainly snow fed, it overflows its banks in spring and becomes shallow in summer. There is some navigation. From the Sergeyevka Reservoir southwest of Petropavl large water mains carry water 2,175 miles (3,500 km) to farm settlements in Kökchetaū and Qostanay provinces.

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