Hardanger Fjord

Hardanger Fjord
Fjord, southwestern Norway.

The country's second-largest fjord, it extends inland 70 mi (113 km) from the North Sea to the Hardanger Plateau. It has a maximum depth of 2,922 ft (891 m). Waterfalls pour from the surrounding mountains, which rise to about 5,000 ft (1,500 m). Frequented by tourists, the area has many branch fjords. A 17th-century baronial mansion stands at Rosendal, near the fjord's mouth.

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 inlet, southwestern Norway. The country's second largest fjord and one of the most scenic, it extends inland northeastward for 70 miles (113 km) from Stord Island, at its entrance in the North Sea, to the Hardanger Plateau and has a maximum depth of 2,922 feet (891 metres). Majestic mountains (rising to about 5,000 feet), from which pour many magnificent waterfalls, notably the Vørings Falls and Skjeggedals Falls, flank the fjord's clear waters. There are many smaller branch fjords, including Kvinnherads, Granvin, Sør, Eid, and Osa fjords. From Sør Fjord there is a magnificent view of Folgefonna Glacier. The area is frequented by tourists, and there are hotels at the principal stations. Along the fjord's shores are salmon fisheries, electrochemical and electrometallurgical plants, boatbuilding yards, and furniture and other factories. There are mountainside orchards, and at Rosendal, near the mouth of Hardanger Fjord, stands one of the few baronial mansions in Norway, built (1660–65) by Baron Ludwig Rosenkrans.

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