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      geographical region, southwestern Norway, covering an area of about 22,592 square miles (58,512 square km). Providing the most spectacular fjord and mountain scenery in Norway, the region has been a tourist mecca for centuries. Except for the Jæren plain located at the extreme southern end of the region, Vestlandet is mountainous, with the Jotunheim Mountains and the Hardanger Plateau being the highest areas. The Jostedals Glacier, the largest glacier in Europe, is located in the north-central part of the region, while Hardanger Icecap (Hardangerjøkulen) and the Folge Glacier are smaller ice fields in the south. Norway's longest fjord, Sogn Fjord (128 miles [206 km]), located in the central part of the region, nearly divides Vestlandet in two; farther south Hardanger Fjord knifes inland for 70 miles (113 km). Many waterfalls flow into the fjords, with the Syv Systre, Toka Gorge, and Vørings Falls (Vøringsfoss) among the most beautiful and best known. The rugged coastline is protected by thousands of offshore islands in a nearly continuous line.

      Vestlandet contains the second and fourth most populous Norwegian cities, Bergen and Stavanger, respectively; both are historically important port cities and trading centres. Other ports are Kristiansund, Ålesund, Haugesund, and Sandnes. Most of the inhabitants of Vestlandet live in these communities and in the hundreds of fishing villages along the coasts, fjords, and islands. Economically, the region depends on fishing, tourism, lumbering, shipping, the oil industry, and farming (mostly on the Jæren plain). Most industry is located in the larger cities and towns. Development of the region's large hydroelectric potential began in the 1970s. Land transportation routes are few, though both rails and roads connect with the rest of Norway. The main form of intercity transportation is by coastal ferries and ships. In addition, many tour ships ply the fjords, offering tourists unsurpassed vistas.

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