Cleophrades Painter

Cleophrades Painter

flourished late 6th–early 5th century BC, Greece

Greek vase painter.

Of unknown identity, he takes his name from that of the potter who signed one of his principal works; he may have been a pupil of Euthymides. He decorated large vases with popular scenes, such as athletic contests and mythological epics, mostly in the red-figure style (see red-figure pottery). Over 100 vessels have been attributed to him.

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▪ Greek artist
flourished late 6th and early 5th centuries BC

      Attic (Greek pottery) vase painter, among the finest of the late Archaic period, son of the Amasis Potter and a student of the vase painter Euthymides. The Cleophrades Painter was the decorator of vessels made by the Cleophrades Potter. His name was probably Epictetus, which occurs in an inscription on a pelike (wine container) now in Berlin. He should not be confused with another Epictetus, an approximately contemporary painter and potter.

      More than 100 vessels have been attributed to the Cleophrades Painter. Most of these are in the red-figure style (that is, red figures are painted on a black ground). Several black-figure (black figures painted on a red ground) “Panathenaic” vessels (ceremonial vessels, used during the Panathenaic Festivals held once every four years on the Athenian Acropolis) have also been attributed to him. Some of the red-figure vase paintings frequently attributed to the Cleophrades Painter include a cup in Paris; an amphora, now at the Staatliche Antikensammlungen in Munich, with “Dionysus, Maenads and Satyrs”; a hydria (water jar) now in Naples, with the “Iliupersis” (“Sack of Troy”); two calyx kraters (chalice-bowls), one at Tarquinia (Italy), one at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, with “Youths Arming.”

      The Cleophrades Painter decorated large vessels in a great variety of shapes. The subjects he painted were among those most popular during his time: athletic scenes, mythological epics of Theseus, Heracles, and Dionysus. His work is praised for strength of design, pathos, and dramatic intensity.

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