Celan, Paul

Celan, Paul
orig. Paul Antschel

born Nov. 23, 1920, Cernăui, Rom.
died May 1, 1970, Paris, France

Romanian poet who wrote in German.

When Romania came under Nazi control during World War II, Celan, a Jew, was sent to a forced-labour camp; his parents were murdered. He moved to Vienna in 1947 and published his first volume of poetry, The Sand from the Urns, in 1948. His second volume, Poppy and Memory (1952), established his reputation in West Germany. He produced seven more volumes before taking his own life by drowning in the Seine. Celan's dense and complex verse is marked by his experience of World War II; his early poem "Todesfuge" is one of the most famous poetic expressions of the Holocaust.

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▪ German poet
pseudonym of  Paul Antschel  
born Nov. 23, 1920, Cernăuți, Rom. [now Chernovtsy, Ukraine]
died May 1, 1970, Paris, Fr.

      poet who, though he never lived in Germany, gave its post-World War II literature one of its most powerful and regenerative voices. His poetry was influenced stylistically by French Surrealism, and its subject matter by his grief as a Jew.

      When Romania came under virtual Nazi control in World War II, Celan was sent to a forced-labour camp, and his parents were murdered. After working from 1945 to 1947 as a translator and publisher's reader in Bucharest, Celan moved to Vienna, where he published his first collection of poems, Der Sand aus den Urnen (1948; “The Sand from the Urns”). From the outset his poetry was marked by a phantasmagoric perception of the terrors and injuries of reality and by a sureness of imagery and prosody.

      Settling in Paris in 1948, where he had studied medicine briefly before the war, he lectured on language at the École Normale and translated French, Italian, and Russian poetry, as well as Shakespeare, into German. His second volume of poems, Mohn und Gedächtnis (1952; “Poppy and Memory”), established his reputation in West Germany. Seven volumes of poetry followed, including Lichtzwang (1970; “Lightforce”). The fullest English translation of his work is Speech-Grille and Selected Poems (1971). He died by his own hand.

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