Béjart family

Béjart family
Seventeenth-century French theatrical family.

Brothers Joseph (с 1617–59) and Louis (1630–78) and their sisters Madeleine (1618–72) and Geneviève (с 1622–75) were members of a traveling company directed by Madeleine. They joined Molière's first company, the Illustre Théâtre, in 1643 and created many parts in his plays. Madeleine's sister, or possibly daughter, Armande Béjart (1642–1700), joined the company in 1653. She married Molière in 1662 and played most of his heroines. After his death, she led the company until it merged with another troupe to become the Comédie-Française in 1680.

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▪ French theatrical family
      French theatrical family of the 17th century closely associated with the playwright Molière. Its members include the brothers and sisters Joseph, Madeleine, Geneviève, Armande, and Louis.

      Joseph Béjart (Béjart, Joseph) (c. 1616–59) was a strolling player and later a member of Molière's first company (the Illustre-Théâtre). Joseph accompanied Molière in his theatrical wanderings and was with him when he returned permanently to Paris. Joseph died soon after. He created the parts of Lélie in L'Étourdi (1653; The Blunderer) and Éraste in Le Dépit amoureux (1654; The Amorous Quarrel).

      His brother Louis Béjart (Béjart, Louis) (1630–78) was also in Molière's company during the last years of its travels and created many parts in Molière's plays—Valère in Le Dépit amoureux, Dubois in Le Misanthrope (1666), Alcantor in Le Mariage forcé (1664; The Forced Marriage), and Don Luis in Dom Juan; ou, le festin de Pierre (1665; Don John; or, The Libertine). He was lamed in a brawl and retired with a pension in 1670.

      The more famous members of the family were two sisters: Madeleine Béjart (Béjart, Madeleine) (1618–72) was at the head of the traveling company to which her sister Geneviève Béjart (Béjart, Geneviève) (1624–75), who played under her mother's name (Hervé), and her brothers belonged before they joined Molière in forming the Illustre-Théâtre (1643). Madeleine remained with Molière until her death. She was an excellent actress, particularly in soubrette parts, a number of which Molière wrote for her. Among her creations were Marotte in Les Précieuses ridicules (1659; The Affected Young Ladies), Lisette in L'École des maris (1661; The School for Husbands), and Dorine in Tartuffe (1664–69).

      In 1662 Molière, then age 40, married Madeleine's sister, or possibly daughter, Armande Béjart (Béjart, Armande) (1642?–1700), who seems to have first joined the company at Lyon in 1653. Neither was happy; the wife was a flirt, the husband jealous. They separated after the birth of a daughter in 1665 and met only at the theatre until 1671, when they were reconciled. Her portrait is given in Act iii, scene 9 of Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme (1670; The Bourgeois Gentleman). Armande's first appearance on the stage was in 1663, as Élise in La Critique de l'école des femmes (School for Wives). She was out of the cast for a short time in 1664, when she bore Molière a son, but in the spring she started her long list of important roles. She was at her best as Célimène in Le Misanthrope and hardly less admirable as Angélique in Le Malade imaginaire (1674; The Imaginary Invalid). She was Elmire in the first performance of Tartuffe and was Lucile in Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme.

      After Molière's death Armande leased the Théâtre Guénégaud, Paris, and by royal ordinance the residue of her company was combined with the players from the failing Théâtre du Marais (Marais Theatre). The combination, known as the Troupe du Roi, at first was unfortunate, but in 1679 they secured the services of Marie Champmeslé (Champmeslé, Marie), one of the leading tragediennes of her time, and absorbed the company of the Théâtre de l'Hôtel de Bourgogne (Hôtel de Bourgogne, Théâtre de l'), in Paris. The combined company became the Comédie-Française. In 1677 Armande married the actor Isaac-François Guérin d'Estriché. She retired in 1694.

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