Berrigan, Daniel (Joseph) and Philip (Francis)

Berrigan, Daniel (Joseph) and Philip (Francis)
born May 9, 1921, Virginia, Minn., U.S.(born Oct. 5, 1923, Two Harbors, Minn., U.S.

died Dec. 6, 2002, Baltimore, Md.) U.S. priests and political activists.

After joining the Catholic priesthood (Daniel became a Jesuit, Philip a Josephite), the brothers became involved in nonviolent political activism, carrying out campaigns of civil disobedience to oppose racism, the nuclear arms race, and the Vietnam War. They were best known for their Vietnam-era raid of draft-board files in Catonsville, Md., which they destroyed with chicken blood and napalm. They were also known for the persistence of their activism. Philip later left the priesthood. Both authored numerous books on their work and beliefs; Daniel also wrote poetry and plays.

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