Attalus I Soter

Attalus I Soter
born 269
died 197 BC

Ruler of Pergamum (241–197).

He crushed an attack by the Galatians (с 230) and won most of Anatolia (228) through victory over the Seleucid king, though by 222 the Seleucids had won most of it back. With Rome Attalus fought the First and Second Macedonian Wars, but he died shortly before Philip V's defeat. He was celebrated as a patron of the arts.

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▪ king of Pergamum
born 269 BC
died 197 BC

      ruler of Pergamum from 241 to 197 BC, with the title of king after about 230. He succeeded his uncle, Eumenes I (reigned 263–241), and by military and diplomatic skill created a powerful Pergamene kingdom.

      Attalus' mother, Antiochis, was a princess of the Seleucid (Seleucid kingdom) house, a dynasty founded in Syria by one of the successors of Alexander the Great. Shortly before 230 Pergamum was attacked by the Galatians (Celts who had settled in central Anatolia in the 3rd century BC) because Attalus had refused to pay them the customary tribute. Attalus crushed his enemy in a battle outside the walls of Pergamum, and, to mark the success, he took the title of king—the first of the Attalids to do so—and the cult name Soter. Next, he defeated the Seleucid king Antiochus Hierax in three battles and thereby gained control (228) over all the Seleucid domains in Anatolia except Cilicia in the southeast. But by 222 the Seleucids had won back almost all of this.

      Attalus then turned to checking the expansionist ambitions of the Macedonian king Philip V (reigned 221–179). He fought against Philip with help from Rome and the Aetolians of south-central Greece during the inconclusive First Macedonian War (Macedonian Wars) (214–205). In 201 he took the side of the inhabitants of Rhodes in their war with Philip, and with them he brought about, by diplomatic approaches in Rome, a new Roman intervention against Macedonia (Second Macedonian War, 200–196). Shortly before the final defeat of Philip, Attalus died. The Pergamene ruler had also gained renown as a generous patron of the arts.

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