Amalric II

Amalric II
born с 1155
died April 1, 1205

King of Cyprus (1194–1205) and of Jerusalem (1197–1205).

Amalric inherited the kingdom of Cyprus on the death of his brother, Guy of Lusignan, and formed a close alliance with the ruler of Palestine. He also became the vassal of Holy Roman Emperor Henry VI. When the ruler of Palestine died, Amalric married his widow and became king of Jerusalem. He administered Jerusalem separately from his other lands and made peace with his Muslim neighbours after Saladin's death (1193).

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▪ king of Jerusalem
byname  Amalric of Lusignan , French  Amaury de Lusignan , Amaury also spelled  Amauri 
born c. 1155
died April 1, 1205

      king of Cyprus (1194–1205) and of Jerusalem (1197–1205) who ably ruled the two separated kingdoms.

      Amalric had been constable of Palestine before he was summoned by the Franks in Cyprus to become king there after the death of his brother Guy of Lusignan. Amalric planned a close alliance with Henry of Champagne, the uncrowned ruler of Palestine, betrothing his three sons to Henry's three daughters. He also became the vassal of the Holy Roman emperor Henry VI. On Henry of Champagne's accidental death (1197), Amalric, a widower, was induced to marry Henry's widow, Queen Isabella I, because the emperor's German advisers were hoping to get the Latin kingdom of Jerusalem (then only a thin strip of the Palestinian coast) as a fief like Cyprus. Amalric, however, decided to administer Jerusalem separately and to regard himself as merely its regent.

      As king of Jerusalem, Amalric was able to make peace with his Muslim neighbours, thanks to the struggle that took place among them after Saladin's death in 1193. Though both sides periodically broke the treaty, it was renewed in September 1204 for six years. On Amalric's death Cyprus was left to his six-year-old son, Hugh, and the kingdom of Jerusalem remained in Isabella's possession.

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