Alleghenian orogeny

Alleghenian orogeny
formerly Appalachian Revolution

Mountain-building event that affected the Appalachian Geosyncline in the late Permian period (c. 286–248 million years ago).

The Alleghenian orogeny is most pronounced in the central and southern Appalachian Mountains and produced the different effects in various subregions: compressional folding and faulting of the Valley and Ridge Province, westward thrusting of the Blue Ridge, and folding and minor metamorphism and igneous intrusion in the Piedmont Province. It may have resulted from the collision (see plate tectonics) of the central and southern Appalachian continental margin with that of North Africa in the Permian period.

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      mountain-building event, occurring almost entirely within the Permian Period (299 million to 251 million years ago), that created the Appalachian Mountains.

      The Alleghenian orogeny resulted from the collision of the central and southern Appalachian (Appalachian Mountains) continental margin of North America with that of North Africa in late Paleozoic time. It is most pronounced in the central and southern Appalachians and produced the compressional folding (fold) and faulting (fault) of the Ridge and Valley Province (Ridge and Valley); the westward thrusting of the Blue Ridge over Ridge and Valley rocks; and folding, minor metamorphism, and igneous (igneous rock) intrusion in the Piedmont Province (Piedmont) of the eastern United States. Evidence of the Alleghenian orogeny is less prominent in the northern Appalachians, but late Paleozoic folding and igneous intrusions are present along both the east coast of New England in the United States and parts of the eastern Maritime Provinces of Canada.

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