Achinese War

Achinese War
(1873–1904) Armed conflict between The Netherlands and the Muslim sultanate of Acheh in northern Sumatra.

The Dutch considered the sultanate to be within their northern Sumatran sphere of influence and invaded it. Although the sultan capitulated, the Achinese people engaged the Dutch in a prolonged and costly guerrilla war, which the Dutch were able to win only by researching the area and devising a new "castle strategy" that relied on fortified bases.

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▪ Southeast Asian history
      (1873–1904), an armed conflict between The Netherlands and the Muslim sultanate of Acheh (now Aceh) in northern Sumatra that resulted in Dutch conquest of the Achinese and, ultimately, in Dutch domination of the entire region. In 1871 The Netherlands and Britain had signed a treaty that recognized Dutch influence in northern Sumatra in return for Dutch confirmation of Britain's right of equal trade in the Indies.

      The Dutch, considering Acheh as within their sphere of influence, decided to conquer the area and sent two expeditions to Acheh in 1873. The palace was seized and shortly afterward the Achinese sultan died. The Dutch suspended military operations and concluded a treaty with the new sultan, who recognized Dutch sovereignty over the area. He was unable to control his subjects, however, and Dutch forces became involved in a prolonged guerrilla war in the countryside. This war, however, drained the colonial treasury, and public opinion in The Netherlands became increasingly critical of the colonial administration.

      The administration later realized that their ignorance of the region had led them to commit serious errors. C. Snouck Hurgronje (Snouck Hurgronje, Christiaan), professor of Islāmic studies at the University of Leyden, was invited to undertake a thorough study of Acheh and published a book in 1893–94 on the Achinese. A “castle strategy,” which provided fortified bases for the Dutch troops, was then introduced. Under the leadership of J.B. van Heutsz, who was appointed military and civil governor of Acheh in 1899, the kingdom was quickly subdued. The conquest of the entire region was accomplished by van Heutsz in 1904.

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