Achilles Painter

Achilles Painter
flourished 5th century BC

Greek vase painter, named for an amphora decorated with a painting of Achilles and Briseis attributed to him.

He was active in Athens in the time of Pericles and was a contemporary of Phidias. His Achilles vase (с 450 BC) is among the finest surviving examples of red-figure pottery from the Classical period. He is also known for his lekythoi (funerary vases with coloured figures on a white background), which are regarded as the most reliable documentation of monumental Greek paintings. Over 200 extant vase paintings are attributed to him.

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▪ Greek painter
flourished c. 470–425 BC

      Athenian vase painter known by and named for an amphora attributed to him with a painting of “Achilles and Briseis.” The amphora is now in the Vatican Museums. His period of activity coincides with the Parthenon sculptures and with the administration of Pericles.

      The “Achilles and Briseis” amphora is a red-figure vase (that is, the figures are painted in red against a glazed black background). The vase dates from about 450 BC and is among the finest surviving examples of vase painting from the Classical period.

      The Achilles Painter also is praised for his white-ground lekythoi (lekythos) (funerary vases with the figures painted in colour against a white background). The white-ground lekythoi are believed to be the most reliable source information about monumental Greek paintings of the Classical period. The original monumental paintings do not survive and are known only through the writings of the ancients.

      About 300 vase paintings have been attributed to the Achilles Painter on the basis of the style of the “Achilles and Briseis.” Among them are: lekythoi of “Girl Bringing a Casket to Her Mistress” (Boston Museum of Fine Arts); “Youth Bidding Farewell to Wife” (Athens); and “Warrior Arming” (British Museum). The Achilles Painter is usually cited for his delicately drawn, gentle, pensive, almost melancholy figures.

Additional Reading
Donna Carol Kurtz, Athenian White Lekythoi (1975), pp. 41–48; John H. Oakley, The Achilles Painter (1997).

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