/wop"euhn tayk', wap"-/, n.
(formerly in N England and the Midlands) a subdivision of a shire or county corresponding to a hundred.
[bef. 1000; ME < ON vapnatak (cf. OE waepen-getaec) show of weapons at public voting, equiv. to vapna (gen. pl. of vapn WEAPON) + tak taking; see TAKE]

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▪ English government
from Old Norse  vápnatak 

      an administrative division of the English counties of York, Lincoln, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, and Rutland, first clearly referred to in 962/963 and corresponding to the “ hundred” in other parts of England. The term wapentake is of Scandinavian origin and meant the taking of weapons; it later signified the clash of arms by which the people assembled in a local court expressed assent. Danish influence was strong in those English counties where wapentakes existed.

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