/vlad"euh mear'/; Russ. /vlu dyee"mirdd/, n.
1. Saint. Also, Vladimir I, Wladimir. (Vladimir the Great)A.D. c956-1015, first Christian grand prince of Russia 980-1015.
2. a city in the W Russian Federation in Europe, E of Moscow. 343,000.
3. a male given name.

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(as used in expressions)
Bekhterev Vladimir Mikhaylovich
Vladimir Aleksandrovich Dukelsky
Horowitz Vladimir
Jabotinsky Vladimir
Komarov Vladimir Mikhaylovich
Kramnik Vladimir
Lenin Vladimir Ilich
Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov
Mayakovsky Vladimir Vladimirovich
Nabokov Vladimir Vladimirovich
Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich
Tatlin Vladimir Yevgrafovich
Vladimir I Saint
Vladimir Svyatoslavich
Vladimir Suzdal school
Zworykin Vladimir Kosma

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      city and administrative centre of Vladimir oblast (province), western Russia, situated on the Klyazma River. Vladimir was founded in 1108 by Vladimir II Monomakh, grand prince of Kiev. The community became the centre of a princedom, deriving importance from trade along the Klyazma. In 1157 Prince Andrew Bogolyubsky moved his capital there from Kiev. The city was twice sacked by the Mongols (1238, 1293); on each occasion it rapidly recovered. In 1300 the Orthodox metropolitan was established there, but in 1326 the church authority and in 1328 temporal authority were transferred to Moscow. Thereafter the city, suffering several further Tatar attacks in the 15th century, became a minor local centre, although in 1796 it was made a seat of provincial government.

      Post-revolutionary Vladimir grew chiefly on the basis of its textile, machine-building, and chemical industries. The city possesses some superb examples of early Russian architecture. Especially noteworthy among these are the kremlin; the Cathedral of the Assumption, originally built in 1158; the triumphal Golden Gate of 1158, restored under Catherine II the Great; and the Cathedral of St. Dmitry (1197, restored 1835). Pop. (1991 est.) 355,600.

      oblast (province), western Russia. It is centred on Vladimir city and lies east of Moscow in the basin of the Oka River. The greater part is a low plain, with extensive swamps in the south. The oblast has spruce, pine, and oak, but much of the forest has been cleared. Industries produce textiles, engineering goods, timber goods, and glassware. Agriculture is concentrated chiefly in the northwest, where there is considerable market gardening. Much swampland has been reclaimed. Area 11,200 square miles (29,000 square km). Pop. (1991 est.) 1,659,800.

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