/terrn"veuh ruyn', toorn"-/; Ger. /toorddn"ferdd uyn'/, n.
an athletic club, esp. of gymnasts.
[1850-55, Amer.; < G: gymnastic club, equiv. to turn(en) to practice gymnastics (see TURNER2) + Verein union]

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▪ German association of gymnasts
      (from German turnen, “to practice gymnastics,” and Verein, “club, union”), association of gymnasts founded by the German teacher and patriot Friedrich Ludwig Jahn (Jahn, Friedrich Ludwig) in Berlin in 1811. The term now also denotes a place for physical exercise. The early turnvereins were centres for the cultivation of health and vigour through gymnastic exercise, including the use of such modern gymnastic equipment as the horizontal bar, parallel bars, side horse, and vaulting horse. The organizations were also intended to prepare German youth to defend their country against Napoleonic France, and gymnasts were encouraged to develop a spirit of patriotism and Deutschheit (“Germanness”).

      In the German states during the Revolution of 1848, some turnverein members sided with factions who unsuccessfully revolted against the monarchy, and they were forced to leave the country. Turnvereins were subsequently established by such émigrés in other countries, notably the United States, at Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1848, where the organization now called the American Turners was founded. Similar organizations, called Sokols (Sokol) (see Sokol), formed in Bohemia (modern Czech Republic) in the 1860s, emphasized social and communal unity rather than nationalism.

      Turnvereins continue to foster citizenship and cultural programs together with health and physical-education activities, particularly gymnastics.

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