trebly /treb"lee/, adv.
/treb"euhl/, adj., n., v., trebled, trebling.
1. threefold; triple.
2. Music.
a. of or pertaining to the highest part in harmonized music; soprano.
b. of the highest pitch or range, as a voice part, voice, singer, or instrument.
c. high in pitch; shrill.
3. Music.
a. the treble or soprano part.
b. a treble voice, singer, or instrument.
4. a high or shrill voice or sound.
5. the highest-pitched peal of a bell.
v.t., v.i.
6. to make or become three times as much or as many; triple.
[1275-1325; (adj. and n.) ME < MF < L triplus TRIPLE; (v.) ME treblen, deriv. of the adj.]

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