/three"euh neen', -nin/, n. Biochem.
an essential amino acid, CH3CHOHCH(NH2)COOH, obtained by the hydrolysis of proteins. Abbr.: Thr; Symbol: T
[1925-30; threon- (alter. of Gk erythrón, neut. of erythrós red; see ERYTHRO-) + -INE2]

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One of the essential amino acids.

It occurs in the proteins of egg, milk, gelatin, and other biological substances and may be synthesized or obtained by hydrolyzing casein. It is used in nutritional and biochemical research and as a dietary supplement.

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      an amino acid obtainable from many proteins. One of the last amino acids to be isolated (1935), threonine is one of several so-called essential amino acids; i.e., animals cannot synthesize it and require dietary sources. It is synthesized in microorganisms from the amino acid aspartic acid.

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