/tan"euh jeuhr/, n.
any of numerous songbirds of the New World family Thraupidae, the males of which are usually brightly colored.
[1605-15; < NL tanagra, metathetic var. of Tupi tangara]

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Any of 200–220 species (family Emberizidae) of New World songbirds inhabiting forests and gardens.

Most species are 4–8 in. (10–20 cm) long and have a short neck. Bills vary in shape, but all are slightly toothed and hooked. Tanagers have brilliant plumage in reds, yellows, greens, blues, and black, sometimes strikingly patterned. Most species are arboreal; most eat fruit, and some eat insects. The scarlet, summer, and western tanagers breed in temperate North America. The hepatic tanager breeds from Arizona to central Argentina. Most other species are chiefly tropical.

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 any of numerous songbirds of New World forests and gardens, chiefly in the tropics, constituting most of the subfamily Thraupinae (formerly Tanagrinae), of the family Emberizidae. The subfamily includes 200 to 220 species, confined to the Americas.

      Most tanagers are 10 to 20 cm (4 to 8 inches) long and have short necks, with bills of varying shape, slightly toothed and hooked. As a group tanagers are noted for the brilliancy of their plumage; reds, yellows, greens, blues, and black in solid colours are common and are sometimes arranged in striking patterns. The sexes may be similar in colour, or the female may be much duller than the male. Most tanager species are arboreal in habit, living in treetops, undergrowth, or shrubbery. Fruit is an important part of their diet, though some species eat insects. The birds' nesting behaviour is varied, and the clutch size varies from two to four eggs in number.

      The three species of tanagers breeding in temperate North America are the scarlet tanager (Piranga olivacea), summer tanager (P. rubra), and western tanager (P. ludoviciana). A less showy bird, the hepatic tanager (P. flava), has a greater breeding range: from southern Arizona to central Argentina. The most striking tropical genus is Tangara: about 50 small species sometimes called callistes. An example is the paradise tanager (T. chilensis), called siete colores (Spanish) from its seven hues, including green, scarlet, and purple. The euphonias (Tanagra species) are found from Mexico southward; they should not be confused with Tangara species (above). Of the eight species of Thraupis, the blue, or blue-gray, tanager (Th. episcopus, sometimes virens) is common from Mexico to Peru and is introduced in Florida.

      The thrush-tanager (Rhodinocichla rosea), found in lowlands from Mexico to Venezuela, may deserve family rank (Rhodinocichlidae). The swallow-tanager (q.v.) is of another subfamily entirely.

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