/sup/, v., supped, supping.
1. to eat the evening meal; have supper.
2. to provide with or entertain at supper.
[1250-1300; ME s(o)upen < OF souper to take supper < Gmc; cf. OE supan to swallow, taste, sip. See SUP2]
/sup/, v., supped, supping, n.
1. to take (liquid food, or any liquid) into the mouth in small quantities, as from a spoon or cup; sip.
2. to take liquid into the mouth in small quantities, as by spoonfuls or sips.
3. a mouthful or small portion of drink or liquid food; sip.
[bef. 900; ME suppen, var. of supen, OE supan; c. G saufen to drink. Cf. SIP, SOP, SOUP, SUP1]
/soohp/, n. Math.

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