/slab/, n., v., slabbed, slabbing.
1. a broad, flat, somewhat thick piece of stone, wood, or other solid material.
2. a thick slice of anything: a slab of bread.
3. a semifinished piece of iron or steel so rolled that its breadth is at least twice its thickness.
4. a rough outside piece cut from a log, as when sawing one into boards.
5. Baseball Slang. rubber (def. 14).
6. Building Trades. a section of concrete pavement or a concrete floor placed directly on the ground or on a base of gravel.
7. to make into a slab or slabs.
8. to cover or lay with slabs.
9. to cut the slabs or outside pieces from (a log).
10. to put on in slabs; cover thickly.
[1250-1300; ME sclabbe, slabbe < ?]
/slab/, adj. Scot and North Eng.
thick; viscous.
[1595-1605; appar. < Scand; cf. Sw, Norw slabb mire, Icel slabba to wade in mud]

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