/sit/, v., sat or (Archaic) sate; sat or (Archaic) sitten; sitting.
1. to rest with the body supported by the buttocks or thighs; be seated.
2. to be located or situated: The house sits well up on the slope.
3. to rest or lie (usually fol. by on or upon): An aura of greatness sits easily upon him.
4. to place oneself in position for an artist, photographer, etc.; pose: to sit for a portrait.
5. to remain quiet or inactive: They let the matter sit.
6. (of a bird) to perch or roost.
7. (of a hen) to cover eggs to hatch them; brood.
8. to fit, rest, or hang, as a garment: The jacket sits well on your shoulders.
9. to occupy a place or have a seat in an official assembly or in an official capacity, as a legislator, judge, or bishop.
10. to be convened or in session, as an assembly.
11. to act as a baby-sitter.
12. (of wind) to blow from the indicated direction: The wind sits in the west tonight.
13. to be accepted or considered in the way indicated: Something about his looks just didn't sit right with me.
14. Informal. to be acceptable to the stomach: Something I ate for breakfast didn't sit too well.
15. to cause to sit; seat (often fol. by down): Sit yourself down. He sat me near him.
16. to sit astride or keep one's seat on (a horse or other animal): She sits her horse gracefully.
17. to provide seating accommodations or seating room for; seat: Our dining-room table only sits six people.
18. Informal. to serve as baby-sitter for: A neighbor can sit the children while you go out.
19. sit down,
a. to take a seat.
b. to descend to a sitting position; alight.
c. to take up a position, as to encamp or besiege: The military forces sat down at the approaches to the city.
20. sit in,
a. to attend or take part as a visitor or temporary participant: to sit in at a bridge game; to sit in for the band's regular pianist.
b. to take part in a sit-in.
21. sit in on, to be a spectator, observer, or visitor at: to sit in on classes.
22. sit on or upon,
a. to inquire into or deliberate over: A coroner's jury was called to sit on the case.
b. Informal. to suppress; silence: They sat on the bad news as long as they could.
c. Informal. to check or rebuke; squelch: I'll sit on him if he tries to interrupt me.
23. sit on one's hands,
a. to fail to applaud.
b. to fail to take appropriate action.
24. sit out,
a. to stay to the end of: Though bored, we sat out the play.
b. to surpass in endurance: He sat out his tormentors.
c. to keep one's seat during (a dance, competition, etc.); fail to participate in: We sat out all the Latin-American numbers.
25. sit pretty, Informal. to be in a comfortable situation: He's been sitting pretty ever since he got that new job.
26. sit tight, to bide one's time; take no action: I'm going to sit tight till I hear from you.
27. sit up,
a. to rise from a supine to a sitting position.
b. to delay the hour of retiring beyond the usual time.
c. to sit upright; hold oneself erect.
d. Informal. to become interested or astonished: We all sat up when the holiday was announced.
[bef. 900; ME sitten, OE sittan; c. D zitten, G sitzen, ON sitja; akin to Goth sitan, L sedere, Gk hézesthai (base hed-); cf. SET, SEDATE, CATHEDRAL, NEST]
Syn. 10. meet, assemble, convene, gather.
Usage. Cf. set.
/sit/, v.
(in prescriptions) may it be.
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