Siamese cat

Siamese cat
one of a breed of slender, short-haired cats, raised originally in Siam, having a fawn or grayish body with extremities of a darker shade of the same color.

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Breed of slender, short-haired domestic cat that originated in Thailand (Siam).

The Siamese has a pale fawn or gray body with dark points on the ears, face, legs, and tail. The points may be dark brown (seal point), blue-gray (blue point), milk-chocolate brown (chocolate point), pinkish gray (lilac point), or reddish orange (red point). The head is wedge-shaped. The blue eyes are slanted and may be crossed, though crossed eyes and kinked tail are discouraged by breeders of show animals. Siamese are considered highly intelligent and are very vocal, with a distinctive yowling mew.

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