/suy'euh meez", -mees"/, adj., n., pl. Siamese.
1. of or pertaining to Siam, its people, or their language.
2. Thai (def. 3).
3. twin; closely connected; similar.
4. Informal. dual; combined; twofold or two-way: a Siamese sprinkler.
5. a native of Siam.
6. Thai (def. 2).
7. See Siamese cat.
8. (usually l.c.) a standpipe placed outside a building close to ground level, having two or more openings so that fire engines can pump water to the sprinkler system of the building.
[1685-95; SIAM + -ESE]

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 popular short-haired breed of domestic cat (cat, domestic) originally from Siam (Thailand). Its origin as a breed is unknown. The Siamese is a lithe, long-bodied cat with slim legs and a long, slim tail. It has a long, wedge-shaped head and slightly slanted blue eyes that give it an “Oriental” expression. Some Siamese have crossed eyes or kinked tails, but these features are discouraged by breeders of show animals. The breed is a partial albino; kittens are born white or cream coloured and later develop the dark points (ears, face, legs, and tail) characteristic of the breed. The points may be dark brown (seal point), blue gray (blue point), milk-chocolate brown (chocolate point), pinkish gray (lilac point), or reddish orange (red point). The colour and coat pattern are genetically recessive characteristics; that is, neither feature is apparent in the immediate offspring of a Siamese that is mated with some other breed.

      Despite its graceful build and relatively small size, the Siamese is a muscular, agile cat. Characterized as affectionate and loyal, though sometimes destructive, it is regarded by some of its admirers as the most intelligent of domestic cats. It is highly vocal and possesses a range of cries, including a penetrating mating call.

       Selected shorthair breeds of catsSee the Table of Selected Shorthair Breeds of Cats (Selected shorthair breeds of cats) for further information.

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