ricker, n.
/rik/, n.
1. Also, hayrick. Chiefly Midland U.S. a large, usually rectangular stack or pile of hay, straw, corn, or the like, in a field, esp. when thatched or covered by a tarpaulin; an outdoor or makeshift mow.
2. a stack of cordwood or logs cut to even lengths.
3. a frame of horizontal bars and vertical supports, as used to hold barrels in a distillery, boxes in a warehouse, etc.
4. to form grain into a stack or pile.
5. to stack (cordwood) in ricks.
[bef. 900; ME rek(e), reek, OE hreac; akin to ON hraukr, OFris reak, MD rooc, roke]
/rik/, v.t., v.i., n.

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, , (of corn or hay)

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