requisitionary, adj.requisitionist, requisitioner, n.
/rek'weuh zish"euhn/, n.
1. the act of requiring or demanding.
2. a demand made.
3. an authoritative or formal demand for something to be done, given, supplied, etc.: The general issued a requisition to the townspeople for eight trucks.
4. a written request or order for something, as supplies.
5. the form on which such an order is drawn up.
6. the state of being required for use or called into service: to put something in requisition.
7. a requirement or essential condition.
8. to require or take for use; press into service.
9. to demand or take, as by authority, for military purposes, public needs, etc.: to requisition supplies.
[1375-1425; late ME < L requisition- (s. of requisitio) a searching, equiv. to L requisit(us) REQUISITE + -ion- -ION]

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