remonstratingly, adv.remonstration /ree'mon stray"sheuhn, rem'euhn-/, n.remonstrative /ri mon"streuh tiv/, adj.remonstratively, adv.remonstrator /ri mon"stray teuhr/, n.
/ri mon"strayt/, v., remonstrated, remonstrating.
1. to say or plead in protest, objection, or disapproval.
2. Obs. to show.
3. to present reasons in complaint; plead in protest.
[1590-1600; < ML remonstratus (ptp. of remonstrare to exhibit, demonstrate), equiv. to re- RE- + monstra(re) to show + -tus ptp. suffix; see -ATE1]
Syn. 3. argue, object, expostulate.

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