plate glass

plate glass
plate-glass, plateglass, adj.
a soda-lime-silica glass formed by rolling the hot glass into a plate that is subsequently ground and polished, used in large windows, mirrors, etc.

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      form of glass originally made by casting and rolling and characterized by its excellent surface produced by grinding and polishing. Plate glass was first made in the 17th century in France, after which several improvements in the original batch technique culminated in the Bicheroux process (1918), in which the glass was received by power-driven rollers that then delivered it in thinner sheets of greater length to be sheared into sections and annealed (heated, then cooled, to make it less brittle). A continuous process was then developed in which the glass passed through the annealing stage before being cut into lengths, ground, and polished.

      A technique developed in Great Britain in the 1950s, called the float-glass method, results in an important economy of space. The molten glass is conveyed onto a bath of a molten metal, such as tin. The high temperature of the molten metal smooths out any irregularities on the surface, making a flat, even sheet. As the glass floats on top of the bath, the temperature of the molten metal is gradually reduced until the glass solidifies.

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