/pit"euh/, n.
any of several brilliantly colored, passerine birds of the family Pittidae, inhabiting dark, Old World, tropical forests.
[1830-40; < Telugu pitta bird]

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      any of about 23 species of exceptionally colourful Old World birds (bird) making up genus Pitta (order Passeriformes (passeriform)). Because of their brilliant plumage, they are sometimes called jewelthrushes. All are stub tailed, long legged, and short necked. They have a rather stout bill and are 15–27 cm (6–11 inches) in length. Most species are found in the Indo-Malayan region, with some ranging to the Solomon Islands; four occur in Australia and two in Africa.

      The Indian pitta (P. brachyura) is typically colourful, with shimmering blue wing plumage. The blue-winged pitta (P. moluccensis), whose wings are not only blue but also emerald, white, and black, is common from Myanmar (Burma) to Sumatra. The eared pitta (P. phayrei) is less colourful but sports deep chestnut hues and a distinctive set of white, pointed head plumes.

      The shimmering colours and bold patterns of these birds often help conceal them from predators against the dappled shade of the forest floor. However, for some species their beauty is their downfall. Gurney's pitta (P. gurneyi)—a gorgeous 21-cm (8-inch) bird with a blue cap, black mask, yellow collar, black breast, buff wings, and turquoise tail—is today among the rarest birds in the world. Though once not uncommon from peninsular Thailand to the lowland forests of Myanmar, it had not been seen for 34 years until its rediscovery in 1986, after which its nest was raided for the cage-bird trade.

      Although pittas are tropical birds, they are migratory—not to escape harsh winters but to exploit the long days and plentiful insects (insect) of the higher latitudes' summers. For instance, the fairy pitta (P. nympha) breeds in Japan, Korea, and eastern China but winters much farther south in Borneo.

      Pittas are shy birds of forest or scrubland, where they move rapidly in long hops and forage for insects and snails (snail) in ground litter. Their nests, on or near the ground, tend to be large and roughly made. Pittas are usually heard at dawn and dusk, but they also sing their high-pitched two- or three-noted whistle before rainstorms and on moonlit nights. A number of neighbouring birds may sing against each other in chorus.

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