/pip'euh strel", pip"euh strel'/, n.
any of numerous insectivorous bats of the genus Pipistrellus, esp. P. pipistrellus of Europe and Asia.
[1775-85; < F < It pipistrello, var. of VIPISTRELLO L vespertilion- (s. of vespertilio) bat. See VESPERTILIONINE]

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      any of about 68 species belonging to the vesper bat family (Vespertilionidae). Pipistrelles are found in almost all parts of the world. They are grayish, brown, reddish, or black bats that are about 3.5–10 cm (1.4–4 inches) long, not including the tail, which may be 2.5–6 cm (1–2.4 inches) long.

      Erratic fliers, they appear before most other bats in the evening and sometimes even fly about during the day. Representatives include P. pipistrellus of Eurasia and the eastern (P. subflavus) and western (P. hesperus) pipistrelles of North America.

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