photoelastic /foh'toh i las"tik/, adj.
/foh'toh i la stis"i tee, -ee'la stis"-/, n. Physics.
the phenomenon of double refraction of polarized light by a transparent substance under elastic stress, used to measure strain in elastic, transparent materials.
[1910-15; PHOTO- + ELASTICITY]

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      the property of some transparent materials, such as glass or plastic, while under stress, to become doubly refracting (i.e., a ray of light will split into two rays at entry). When photoelastic materials are subjected to pressure, internal strains develop that can be observed in polarized light; i.e., light vibrating normally in two planes, which has had one plane of vibration removed by passing through a substance called a polarizer. Two polarizers that are crossed ordinarily do not transmit light, but if a stressed material is placed between them and if the principal axis of the stress is not parallel to this plane of polarization, some light will be transmitted in the form of coloured fringes. Stresses in opaque mechanical structures can be analyzed by making models in plastic and studying the fringe pattern under polarized light, which may be either white (a mixture of all wavelengths) or a single wavelength. A photoelastic model under stress is shown in the photograph. See double refraction.

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