/oh'sheuh nair"ee euhm/, n., pl. oceanariums, oceanaria /-nair"ee euh/.
a large saltwater aquarium for the display and observation of fish and other marine life.
[1935-40; OCEAN + -ARIUM, modelled on AQUARIUM]

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▪ saltwater aquarium
      saltwater aquarium for displaying marine animals and plants, particularly oceanic, or pelagic, fishes and mammals. It serves as a centre for public entertainment and education and scientific study. Most oceanariums are located in coastal areas. The world's first large oceanarium, now known as Marineland (Marineland of Florida) (q.v.), was completed in 1938 near St. Augustine, Fla., U.S.

      Oceanariums are more difficult to maintain than freshwater aquariums. Changes in salinity conditions confound the relationships between temperature, acidity, and oxygen levels of an aquatic system and create complex maintenance problems that require constant attention if sensitive fishes and other organisms are to be kept in a healthy state. Oceanariums, however, have certain advantages. Many more different species of fish live in marine environments than in freshwater systems, so that a greater diversity of displays is possible. In addition, a saltwater environment permits the holding of such large and impressive animals as sharks, rays, and marine turtles, as well as seagoing mammals (e.g., dolphins, whales, and manatees). Many oceanariums make full use of the ability of whales and dolphins to be trained, devising special acrobatic shows for the public. A number of oceanariums are associated with research or educational programs of universities, biological stations, and marine institutes. Arrangements may be reciprocal in that oceanariums can provide facilities for student training or experiments while the academic or research units can contribute specimens and professional advice about the care of marine organisms. Compare aquarium.

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