/nan keen"/, n.
1. a firm, durable, yellow or buff fabric, formerly made from a natural-colored Chinese cotton.
2. a twilled material made from other cotton and dyed in imitation of this fabric.
3. nankeens, garments made of this material.
4. a yellow or buff color.
5. Also called Nankeen porcelain, Nanking china, Nanking ware. a type of Chinese porcelain having blue ornament on a white ground.
Also, nankin /nan"kin/.
[1745-55; after Nankin NANKING, where first made]

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      durable, firm-textured cotton cloth originally made in China and now imitated in various countries. The name is derived from Nanjing (Nanking), the city in which the cloth is said to have been originally manufactured.

      The characteristic yellowish colour of nankeen is attributed to the peculiar colour of the cotton from which it was originally made. The cloth is finished without size or bleach.

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