envoi [än′voi΄, en′voi]
2. something said or done in farewell or conclusion

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en·voi (ĕnʹvoi', ŏnʹ-) n.
Variant of envoy2.

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      the usually explanatory or commendatory concluding remarks to a poem, essay, or book. The term is specifically used to mean a short, fixed final stanza of a poem (such as a ballade) pointing the moral and usually addressing the person to whom the poem is written. Although they are most often associated with the ballade and chant royal—i.e., French poetic forms—envois have also been used by several English poets, including Geoffrey Chaucer (Chaucer, Geoffrey), Robert Southey (Southey, Robert), and Algernon Charles Swinburne (Swinburne, Algernon Charles). The word is from the Middle French envoy, literally, “the act of sending or dispatching.”

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