/ma stek"teuh mee/, n., pl. mastectomies. Surg.
the operation of removing all or part of the breast or mamma. Also called mammectomy.
[1920-25; MAST- + -ECTOMY]

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Surgical removal of a breast, usually because of breast cancer.

If the cancer has spread, radical mastectomy may remove surrounding tissue and/or nearby structures, including chest muscles and lymph nodes. Modified radical mastectomy leaves at least the main chest muscle, has an equally high survival rate, and makes reconstruction easier. Simple mastectomy is removal of the breast only. Lumpectomy is removal of the tumour only.

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▪ medical procedure
      surgical removal of a breast (breast cancer), usually to remove a malignancy but also performed in the treatment of other conditions (e.g., cystic breast disease) and for other medical reasons. Mastectomy is most effective when the cancerous tumour is discovered at an early stage and the malignant cells are localized. In order to best ensure the removal of all cancerous tissue, however, a margin of tissue surrounding a tumour and, sometimes, other nearby structures are also removed. Thus, there are several types of mastectomy, the selection of procedure depending on the location and extent of the disease (determined by X ray, thermography, and other diagnostic techniques) and the nature of the cancerous cells (determined by biopsy).

      The procedure known as the standard radical mastectomy consists of the removal of the entire breast, the supporting pectoral muscles, and the axillary lymph nodes. A supraradical mastectomy is a standard radical mastectomy plus the removal of the internal mammary and supraclavicular nodes. An extended radical mastectomy is the standard radical mastectomy plus the removal of the internal mammary nodes. In the modified radical mastectomy, the procedure involves removal of the breast but preservation of the pectoralis major muscle. The extent of preservation of the pectoralis minor and axillary nodes varies.

      In the 1970s and '80s there was increasing clinical evidence that the standard radical mastectomy differed little from the modified radical mastectomy in terms of morbidity, mortality, and survival rates. For this reason, the modified procedure came to be preferred in many cases. It also offered cosmetic and functional advantages.

      Other mastectomy methods include simple mastectomy, or the removal of only the breast; simple mastectomy with axillary lymph node dissection; and local incision, sometimes called “lumpectomy,” in which only the tumour is removed.

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