/kom"euhn dawr'/, n., pl. Komondors, Komondorok /-dawr'euhk/.
one of a Hungarian breed of large dogs having a long, matted, white coat, used for herding sheep and as a watchdog.
[1930-35; < Hungarian, allegedly after a Turkic tribal name]

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▪ breed of dog
plural  komondorok 

      large Hungarian sheepdog breed taken to Europe in the 9th century by the Magyars, who kept it primarily to protect, rather than to herd, their flocks. A powerful, heavy-boned dog, the male komondor stands at least 27.5 inches (69.9 cm) and weighs 100 pounds (45 kg) or more; the female is somewhat smaller. When an adult, the dog is covered from head to tail in heavy, tassel-like white cords, which are woolly in texture. The coat was left tangled by Hungarian shepherds, for it provided the dog with excellent protection from the fangs of wolves and other predators. The komondor is independent and courageous and is a devoted guardian.

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