kernelless, adj.kernelly, adj.
/kerr"nl/, n., v., kerneled, kerneling or (esp. Brit.) kernelled, kernelling.
1. the softer, usually edible part contained in the shell of a nut or the stone of a fruit.
2. the body of a seed within its husk or integuments.
3. a whole seed grain, as of wheat or corn.
4. South Atlantic States. the pit or seed of a peach, cherry, plum, etc.
5. the central or most important part of anything; essence; gist; core: His leadership is the kernel of the organization.
6. Math. the set of elements that a given function from one set to a second set maps into the identity of the second set.
7. Also called rumpf. Physical Chem. the remainder of an atom after the valence electrons have been removed.
8. to enclose as a kernel.
[bef. 1000; ME kirnel, OE cyrnel, dim. of corn seed, CORN1]

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      in mathematics, known function that appears in the integrand of an integral equation. Thus, in the equation

      (for symbol, see integration), both the kernel function, K(x, y), and g(x) are given, and f(x) is the function sought. As an example, in Abel's equation for the curve followed by a particle moving in a vertical plane under the influence of gravity, which takes the form of the integral equation

      in which t is time, the kernel function is

      with g the acceleration of gravity.

      Other kernels in mathematics, such as the Dirichlet kernel and Fejér's kernel, are concerned with Fourier series. See integral transform.

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