infectant, adj.infectedness, n.infector, infecter, n.
/in fekt"/, v.t.
1. to affect or contaminate (a person, organ, wound, etc.) with disease-producing germs.
2. to affect with disease.
3. to taint or contaminate with something that affects quality, character, or condition unfavorably: to infect the air with poison gas.
4. to corrupt or affect morally: The news of the gold strike infected him with greed.
5. to imbue with some pernicious belief, opinion, etc.
6. to affect with a computer virus.
7. to affect so as to influence feeling or action: His courage infected the others.
8. Law. to taint with illegality, or expose to penalty, forfeiture, etc.
9. to become infected.
10. Archaic. infected.
[1350-1400; ME infecten < L infectus (ptp. of inficere to immerse in dye, discolor, taint, poison), equiv. to in- IN-2 + -fec-, comb. form of facere to DO1, make (see FACT) + -tus ptp. suffix]
Syn. 5. damage, corrupt. 6. touch, stir, arouse.

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