/haym/, n.
either of two curved pieces lying upon the collar in the harness of an animal, to which the traces are fastened. See illus. under harness.
[1275-1325; ME < MD]

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      historic region, southwestern Finland. It lies north of Helsinki and includes part of Lake Päijänne (Päijänne, Lake), which serves as much of its eastern boundary. The region produces lumber, rye, oats, barley, and potatoes; livestock and dairy cows are also important. It is the home of the Hämäläiset (Tavastians, or Tavastlanders), one of the original groups of Finnish people, and derives its name from the medieval castle of Häme, which lies near the city of Hämeenlinna. Tampere, in west-central Häme, developed as the region's major industrial centre during the early 19th century, a position that it has retained. Lahti, in extreme southeastern Häme, is a winter-sports centre.

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