/feuh nat"ik/, n.
1. a person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal, as in religion or politics.
2. fanatical.
[1515-25; < L fanaticus pertaining to a temple, inspired by orgiastic rites, frantic, equiv. to fan(um) temple + -aticus, equiv. to -at(us) -ATE1 + -icus -IC]
Syn. 1. enthusiast, zealot, bigot, hothead, militant. FANATIC, ZEALOT, MILITANT, DEVOTEE refer to persons showing more than ordinary support for, adherence to, or interest in a cause, point of view, or activity. FANATIC and ZEALOT both suggest excessive or overweening devotion to a cause or belief. FANATIC further implies unbalanced or obsessive behavior: a wild-eyed fanatic. ZEALOT, only slightly less unfavorable in implication than FANATIC, implies single-minded partisanship: a tireless zealot for tax reform.
MILITANT stresses vigorous, aggressive support for or opposition to a plan or ideal and suggests a combative stance. DEVOTEE is a milder term than any of the foregoing, suggesting enthusiasm but not to the exclusion of other interests or possible points of view: a jazz devotee.

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