Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome
/ay"leuhrz dan"los, -leuhs/, Pathol.
a rare hereditary disease of connective tissue, characterized by joint hypermotility and abnormally stretchable skin.
[after Edvard Ehlers (1863-1937), Danish dermatologist, and Henri Alexandre Danlos (1844-1912), French dermatologist, who separately reported it in 1901 and 1908]

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      rare, heritable disorder characterized by great elasticity of the skin, skin fragility with a tendency to hemorrhage, poor scar formation, and hyperextensibility of the joints (“elastic men”). The skin is velvety and bruises easily, and the ears tend to droop; dislocations of joints are frequent. It is inherited with a varying degree of expression in affected individuals.

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