/eel"powt'/, n.
1. any fish of the family Zoarcidae, esp. Zoarces viviparus, of Europe.
2. the burbot.
[bef. 1000; OE aelepute (not recorded in ME); see EEL, POUT2]

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      any of more than 250 species of elongated marine fishes of the family Zoarcidae, found in cold waters and abundant in Arctic and Antarctic regions. Eelpouts are thick-lipped, eel-shaped fishes with the dorsal and anal fins connected around the end of the tail and with small pelvic fins that, if present, are near the gills. They live on the bottom and range from shallow to deep water. Length may be up to about 90 centimetres (3 feet) but is usually half that or less. Some species lay eggs; others, including the abundant European eelpout, or viviparous blenny (Zoarces viviparus), give birth to live young.

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