dubber, n.
/dub/, v., dubbed, dubbing
1. to invest with any name, character, dignity, or title; style; name; call: He was dubbed a hero.
2. to strike lightly with a sword in the ceremony of conferring knighthood; make, or designate as, a knight: The king dubbed him a knight.
3. to strike, cut, rub, or make smooth, as leather or timber.
4. dub bright, Shipbuilding. to shave off the outer surface of the planking of (a ship).
[1175-1225; ME dubben, late OE *dubbian (in phrase dubbade to ridere dubbed to knight(hood)), < AF dubber, dobber, douber, aph. form of ad(o)uber, equiv. to a- A-5 + -do(u)ber < Old Low Franconian *dubban to strike, beat, c. LG dubben, DUB3; cf. DAUBE]
/dub/, n. Slang.
an awkward, unskillful person.
[1885-90; of expressive orig., cf. FLUB, FLUBDUB, DUB3]
/dub/, v., dubbed, dubbing, n.
1. to thrust; poke.
2. Golf. to hit (a ball) poorly; misplay (a shot).
3. to execute poorly.
4. to thrust; poke.
5. a thrust; poke.
6. a drumbeat.
[1505-15; appar. same word (with older sense) as DUB1]
dubber, n.
/dub/, v., dubbed, dubbing, n.
1. to furnish (a film or tape) with a new sound track, as one recorded in the language of the country of import.
2. to add (music, speech, etc.) to a film or tape recording (often fol. by in).
3. to copy (a tape or disc recording).
4. to copy program material from one tape recording onto another.
5. dub out, to omit or erase (unwanted sound) on a tape or sound track: to dub out background noise.
6. the new sounds added to a film or tape.
[1925-30; short for DOUBLE]
/dub/, n. Chiefly Scot.
a pool of water; puddle.
[1490-1500; of obscure orig.; perh. akin to G Tümpel pond, puddle]

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