/dis jungk"sheuhn/, n.
1. the act of disjoining or the state of being disjoined: a disjunction between thought and action.
2. Logic.
a. Also called disjunctive, inclusive disjunction. a compound proposition that is true if and only if at least one of a number of alternatives is true.
b. Also called exclusive disjunction. a compound proposition that is true if and only if one and only one of a number of alternatives is true.
c. the relation among the components of such a proposition, usually expressed by AND or V.
[1350-1400; ME disjunccioun < L disjunction- (s. of disjunctio) separation, equiv. to disjunct(us) (see DISJUNCT) + -ion- -ION]

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      in logic, relation or connection of terms in a proposition to express the concept “or”; it is a statement of alternatives (sometimes called “alternation”). For clarity, exclusive disjunction (either x or y but not both), symbolized x ∨· y, xy, or x/y, must be distinguished from inclusive disjunction (either x or y or both x and y), symbolized xy. See also implication.

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