/dayn"law'/, n.
1. the body of laws in force in the northeast of England where the Danes settled in the 9th century A.D.
2. the part of England under this law.
Also, Danelage /dayn"lah'geuh, dah'neuh lah"geuh/, Danelagh /dayn"law'/.
[bef. 1050; ME Dane-lawe, earlier Dene-lawe, OE Dena lagu. See DANE, LAW1]

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NE region of Anglo-Saxon England.

Colonized by invading Danish armies in the late 9th century AD, it was so named because the form of customary law practiced in the local courts was of Danish origin. Danish place-names still mark the region.

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also spelled  Danelagh  or  Danelaga  
 the northern, central, and eastern region of Anglo-Saxon England colonized by invading Danish armies in the late 9th century. In the 11th and 12th centuries, it was recognized that all of eastern England between the Rivers Tees and Thames formed a region in which a distinctive form of customary law prevailed in the local courts, differing from West Saxon law to the south and Mercian law to the west. The region derived its name from the Old English Dena lagu (“Danes' law”) under the assumption that its unique legal practices were of Danish origin, an assumption borne out by modern scholarship.

      The Danes did not settle the whole of this wide area intensively, but their powerful military aristocracy dominated for a sufficient period to leave its imprint on local custom. The area of the Danelaw is marked by the survival of Danish personal names and place-names; DNA evidence also has confirmed the link between Denmark and the modern inhabitants of Derbyshire. In local administration the hundred was generally called a wapentake, and the hide was generally replaced by the plowland. Its law was distinguished by procedural differences, severe fines for breach of peace, and the existence of an aristocratic jury of presentment to initiate the prosecution of criminal suspects. In the areas of intensive Danish settlement, there were an unusually high number of sokemen, a class of personally free peasants attached to a lord rather than to the land.

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