/kawr"seuhr, kohr"-/, n.
1. a person or thing that courses.
2. a dog for coursing.
[1585-95; COURSE + -ER1]
/kawr"seuhr, kohr"-/, n. Literary.
a swift horse.
[1250-1300; ME < AF, OF coursier < VL *cursarius, equiv. to L curs(us) COURSE + -arius -ARY; see -ER2]
/kawr"seuhr, kohr"-/, n.
any of several swift-footed, ploverlike birds of the genera Cursorius and Pluvianus, chiefly of the desert regions of Asia and Africa.
[1760-70; irreg. < NL cursorius fitted for running, equiv. to L cur(rere) to run + -sorius, for -torius -TORY1; cf. COURSE]

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      any of 9 or 10 species of Old World shorebirds belonging to the family Glareolidae (order Charadriiformes), which also includes the pratincoles. Most live in semideserts, where they chase insects afoot; they can, however, fly strongly with their short wings. The best-known species is the cream-coloured courser (Cursorius cursor) of Africa, a pale-brown bird with white underparts, bold eye stripes, and black wing tips. The Indian courser (C. coromandelicus) is brown with a strong face pattern. The bronze-winged courser (Rhinoptilus chalcopterus), largest of several species in sub-Saharan Africa, frequents woodlands and is chiefly nocturnal. It is about 30 cm (12 inches) long.

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