/kown"teuhr poyz'/, n., v., counterpoised, counterpoising.
1. a counterbalancing weight.
2. any equal and opposing power or force.
3. the state of being in equilibrium; balance.
4. Radio. a network of wires or other conductors connected to the base of an antenna, used as a substitute for the ground connection.
5. to balance by an opposing weight; counteract by an opposing force.
6. to bring into equilibrium.
7. Archaic. to weigh (one thing) against something else; consider carefully.
[1375-1425; COUNTER- + POISE1; r. late ME countrepeis < AF, equiv. to OF contrepois]

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      in electronics, portion of an antenna system that is composed of wires or other types of conductor arranged in a circular pattern at the base of the antenna at a certain distance above ground. Insulated from the ground, it forms the lower system of antenna conductors. It is used in places where it is difficult to obtain a good ground (e.g., where there is extremely rocky soil). A combination of counterpoise and buried-wire grounds is also possible.

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